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About the firm/Attorney:

Goh1b is the exclusive customer service brand of the officially registered law firm Luo & Associates Law Group, P.C. (“Luo & Associates”). All applications are processed by licensed lawyers at Luo & Associcates, which is managed by Attorney Wen Luo.

In 2018, Goh1b had successfully helped hundreds of international students to obtain H-1B work visas throughout the United States. Unlike traditional law firms, the Luo & Associates law firm focuses more on H-1B applications and predicts the difficulties and trends of the application through a number of hands-on case studies and data model analyses. Many of Goh1b’s clients are from small and medium-sized companies. Goh1b customized each applications according to their different positions, professions, and company situations, maximizing the pass rate. In 2018, Goh1b has a direct approval rate for H-1B customers of over 55%, and the total approval rate was as high as 95.2%.

Goh1b has a number of highly qualified licensed attorneys who specialize in providing professional legal services for H-1B Visa. They also have a lot of experience in other visas such as O-1 and J-1. Our lawyers have represented companies and individuals throughout the United States in connection with employment and family-based visa petitions and applications.


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